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Removing make-up in the evening is a routine that the majority of us have and those of you who don’t – get that routine right away! It’s extremely important to be careful about removing your make-up at night if you want to keep your skin healthy and looking good.

In this test, we’ve included makeup removers that are more focused on the actual removal of makeup, so we haven’t included products that we consider to fall into the category of “Best Facial Cleanser” or similar.


Here are the products that aim to remove makeup and then you can use a facial cleanser after this step, if you want to. However, this is not necessary, and the products we have included in this test can be used as the only cleanser in the evening before toner, serum, possibly mask and/or night cream. Test it out to see what works best for you.

Our winners in our best in test as you can see below as well as our contenders in the test are the type of makeup remover that works as both an eye makeup remover and a full face makeup remover.

We all have different skin types and we use different types of makeup as well as different amounts of makeup. If you wear a lot of makeup, it may be a good idea to combine a makeup remover with a facial cleanser, while a good facial cleanser is fine if you don’t wear makeup.

If you only wear makeup on your eyes, go for an eye makeup remover + a facial cleanser. If you have simple and fine skin, fewer steps in your evening routine may be enough, while problem skin needs more time, care and products.

All of the above combined, we’ve picked out eight makeup removal products that we think are suitable for anyone who wants a makeup removal routine that’s kind and good for their skin. The products we’ve included below are suitable for most skin types and they remove makeup in a flash!

Our winner in our Best & Cheapest category was the “2 in 1 Makeup Remover” from Emma S. This product has both cleanser and toner in one so you only need this instead of using a toner/facial wash afterwards. It soothes and locks in moisture and you feel absolutely clean!

Our winner in our Medium category was MAC Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil which is a product with botanical oils that is incredibly gentle and therefore suitable for even the most dry, stressed or mature skin types.

The luxury winner was none other than the Micellar Cleansing Water from Bioeffect. Those of you who keep track of this brand know that their serums have been sold in copious amounts over the past few years and it’s no wonder – Bioeffect delivers and we can see that in this product too!

We’ve also included a wildcard winner which was the incredibly luxurious Prodigy Make Up Remover from Helena Rubinstein. This is a really nice cleansing cream that not only nourishes and soothes, it also adds moisture as well as dissolving even the heaviest of makeup.

Our four contenders are Come Undone from Hey Honey, Make-Up Remover Micellar Water from La Roche-Posay, Gelatéis Douceur Makeup Remover from Lancôme and Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser from Clinique. All lovely and superb products!

2 in 1 Makeup Remover from Emma S.

This bottle says “One product to remove your makeup” and that’s exactly what it is too – a great product at a great price that you’ll be happy to use!

This was one of our obvious choices as we like this brand in general and this product (plus a few others, of course) in particular.

MAC Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil

Here comes a product from MAC and that basically always means it’s a great thing you get in your hand. Their products rarely disappoint and with this treat in your hand, you’ll definitely be satisfied, that’s for sure!

We like that it contains botanical oils, that it leaves the skin clear and fresh and that it is so gentle on the skin.

Bioeffect Micellar Cleansing Water

When you see a product from the ever-reliable Bioeffect, you just have to buy! We’re so excited that they’ve started to stock up their range with more and more products as we all love their EGF serum.

You’re going to love this makeup remover – we can promise you that!

Helena Rubinstein Make Up Remover

We wanted to include this beauty in our test because it’s so damn pretty! Not only does it remove dirt and makeup in the best of ways, but it also makes for a super pretty package for the bathroom. That’s always worth more than you might think, isn’t it?

This product turns into a nice oil when you massage it in and of course, it’s a really lovely experience for both body and mind!

What makes our makeup remover tests reliable?

Those of us who have tested the makeup removal products we’ve included in our best-in-test have our finger on the pulse of all things beauty – so if you want information from people who have tested most of the products on offer, you’ve come to the right place!

We who did the test have many years of experience of being beauty junkies and we take great pride in it – it’s clearly the most fun there is, isn’t it?

We test new products all the time and we have a lot of experience in doing just that – this gives knowledge based on years of experience + new and fresh info on the very latest in a perfect combination. The perfect starting point for us to share our knowledge with you, so it’s just for you to catch up with us now!

Make-up removal – for whom?

As we mentioned above, makeup removal is always the way to go in the evening to wash off your makeup. It’s simply not something to even discuss. If you leave your makeup on at night, your skin won’t be able to breathe or be taken care of by all the goodies such as serums, night masks, cleansers and more. Who wants to do that to their skin? Pure madness!

If you leave your make-up on overnight, you’ll wake up with skin that needs cleansing, moisturising and general care. Skin that isn’t taken care of at night will be dirty and it’s no fun to see the results with clogged pores and more.

Are you lazy? Do you feel that this makeup removal business is too boring and time-consuming for your exciting life? Then think about what will happen to your skin in a few years if you take bad care of it while you’re young.

What doesn’t show on your 20-year-old skin will show when you’re 40, but if you take care of yourself all the time, you’ll have great skin for life. So it’s worth that extra time in the evening!



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