Fashion tips for men

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This may sound a little silly to some but here are my top 10 fashion tips for men. First of all, you need to know the style that you like. If you do not like something, do not wear it. The problem with men is that they often dress for their job and not for evening social events. So if you dress casually at work, you might not dress formally at a party.

So do not be a sheep and do not follow others’ examples. Men must always be willing to wear something different. It might mean that you will have to try a new suit or a new shirt or even a new tie. You can never be too careful.

Another fashion lesson for you is to never buy the first outfit that you see. Always try it on and test it out first. A man should be able to buy and try a new suit in a matter of minutes. He should not be afraid to ask for his preferred size. Never hesitate to ask for alterations or to get a second opinion.

Next, know your body. Know your height, your weight, your Build. Do not let someone tell you that he is short for his age. You do not have to be too prudish about this either.

And lastly, never take yourself too seriously. Men, and especially men in leadership positions, should not be too serious all the time. And do not be too frivolous either. Dress for your job, dress for dinner, and dress down for fun.

Yes, I did write a lot of stuff. But I hope you got some thing or the other from this article.
I thank you very much for reading this article. Please keep on discussing this topic on the comments section below.

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